Order Parts From Your Living Room Today!

Did you know that you can order parts for your boat or RV from our online parts store, from the convenience of your home?  We make it easy.  Once you find everything you need, checkout just like you would on your OTHER favorite shopping sites, and we will ship it to you directly.  Click here... Continue Reading →


I’ve Been Bitten By A Snake; What Should I Do?

First Off: If you've been bitten by a snake and that's how you got here, call 1-800-222-1222 IMMEDIATELY for the American Association of Poison Control Centers. Whether you’re a seadog or a landlubber, there is one particular creature no one wants to see while having fun:  a snake. There are only about 6 snake-bite deaths... Continue Reading →

Caravelle Boats Are A Hit All Over The World!

As a proud Caravelle boat dealer, we take great pride in the quality in these boats.  It looks like we aren't the only ones! Caravelle Boats have been sold in countries all over the world, including Canada, Australia, and China! We recently sold more boats in China, much to the delight of the customers there.  Check out... Continue Reading →

Best Traveling Apps For RVers

Google Maps Never carry a paper map again when you download the latest release of Google Maps. With Google Maps you get Navigation (Free, voice-guided GPS navigation system), Places (Find, rate, and get recommendations for places... everything from campgrounds to restaurants to gas stations to Walmart) and Latitude (See friends on the map and check... Continue Reading →

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