The Recent Upgrades To The Key Largo V24 Offshore WA Cuddy Are A Must See!


As proud dealers of Caravelle Boat Group, we are always working on ways, with Caravelle to give our customers the best “bang for their buck” in the industry.  With the new improvements to the Key Largo V24 Offshore WA Cuddy we have done just that, and our customers are RAVING about the new upgrades.  The upgrades are as follows:

  • Changes to the motor bracket and motor position-This adds much better handling, and an overall better performance at top speeds
  • Improved USB plug-Whether you want to charge your phone, or play some music, the new updated to the USB port will not disappoint
  • Upgraded 12-volt outlet-we have updated the 12-volt outlet to the sturdiest and best version available
  • Form fitting transom seat-You’ll get compliments on how nice and comfortable this upgraded transom seat is
  • Improved front and rear flood lights-These really make night fishing trips more enjoyable, and our customers have reaped the benefits
  • Improved trailer front roller(trailer optional)-  The higher quality roller now included with this boat’s trailer make launching and loading a breeze.  This really comes in handy with a boat this size

All of these improvements have added up to a “dream boat” that will have you being the envy of all of the other boat owners out on the water.  Stop in at your closest Boat N RV to see what the V24 Offshore has to offer today!


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